• #287: Bleeding Buckeye – Elevator Brewing Company, Columbus, Ohio


    Can I honestly not get a beer with the word “Buckeye” in it? Impossible, my resistance was futile when my eyes met this one. Elevator Brewing Company is located in downtown Columbus, Ohio, just blocks away from Nationwide Arena, home of the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets. This is their “red” ale, at least that’s what I think it is. 5.7% ABV.

    Needless to say, love the label and theme, as if there were any doubt that I would. I especially like the dude in the back with his two arms up and his index fingers pointing outward. He’s like “Oh yeahhhhh…” Anyway, onto the beer, then. I ended the pour prematurely because I wanted to let that tight, creamy head sit at the widest part of the glass. Looks nice; it’s the kind of head that makes you want to use an index finger to skim some out and taste it that way. A quick scan of the body shows a slightly murky deep red/brown/orange blend. And if you dip the nose in, I’ll be surprised if you’re not thinking “caramel” almost immediately. A little citrus underneath that, I think, but certainly deep, caramelized bread notes first.

    I think that fullness, or richness that was suggested in the nose is certainly there once the beer meets your mouth. The beer is just straight up malty; puckeringly (that’s not a word) so. There’s nothing wrong with that, though, as there’s a nice amount of flavor to be found. It has a caramel flavor that is less buttery and viscous and more purely sweet, kind of like those milky caramel candies you find in supermarkets. But that’s as sweet as the beer gets, which I like, because it’s balanced out well by a deep, somewhat hearty breadiness, filled with toasty and biscuity flavors. I’m betting some of that pucker came from the hops, too. No residual bitterness found here, but the hops are there, I can assure you. My only complaint is it’s a wee bit more carbonated than I would probably prefer, and at times it is definitely a distraction. I had a much easier time with the first two sips as opposed to the last two.

    The Verdict: Bit of a prickly beer on the palate, but it’s packed with good flavor and solid balance, though the carbonation level is a touch high.

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