• Wednesday with the Captain – 4/4/12

    • Real Life Strikes – Sadly, I haven’t had much time to think critically about beer as of late. A very sad truth. Today’s date is April 4th, and while this means warm weather, bock beer, wheat beer and more, for me this means baseball is a day away from commencing. And by “baseball is a day away from commencing” I mean that things are about to get very, very hectic at my place of employment. The unfortunate result is that things will slow down a bit with the web site. Not, however, in terms of my steady stream of reviews; I can write those in my sleep, and they’ll be put up at a rate of four per week as always, as well as my Wednesday musings post. But it does mean that feature stories, elaborate commentaries and other similar posts will likely decrease while I adjust to a more intense work schedule. This inevitably upsets me. I’d like to consistently provide unique content, such as the Schlafly story I did just a little while ago, but the reality is that my beery labors are unpaid ones. This means, at times, Whosisbrew has to ride shotgun for a bit. But the reviews will continue regularly, and hopefully I’ll start finding time to dwell on all things beery.
    • Who said you can’t criticize craft? – But part of my lack of beery musings as of late has had to do with absorption and observation. Seeing how people react to things, namely, criticism of any kind. I keep up with a good amount of beer blogs, as there’s usually good food for thought littered on them somewhere, and it seems that whenever a post is written in criticism of something “craft,” a movement arises to quell it and reduce it to nothing but a whisper, or lapse in judgment. So whenever a fellow such as Andy Crouch writes something like this, Or Martyn Cornell writes something like this, they’re criticized for “not being able to say anything positive” or “threatening the conviviality of the beer world,” thus glossing over any valid points they might have made. I’m not saying I always agree with those two, or any particular blogger/writer, but I don’t understand this rush to squash any argument that could be made against something involving good beer, whether it be pricing, trends, or something along those lines. When that thread about overrated craft brewers was started on Beeradvocate and Sam Calagione responded to it, all the users (CONSUMERS, mind you) were tripping over themselves to see who could apologize and agree with Sam in the grandest of fashions. And surely much of that thread was rubbish, but if someone were complaining about quality of beer relative to price, what’s the problem there? Must all valid concerns be squashed for fear of looking like a snob or someone who is perpetually negative? Because that’s certainly a dialogue that I will not be partaking in.

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