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Modern Office Furniture Styles

Bush office furniture is manufactured by the famous Bush Furniture company. The Bush company was one of the first companies ever to bring ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture to the U.S. market. This helps you to save up to 1/3rd of the costs, since shipping costs are lower, and the manufacturer does not have to bear the cost of assembly.

Bush Furniture presently is the 8th largest furniture company in the U.S., established back in 1959. Due to their dedication to crafting furniture of the highest quality, they have earned a great reputation among furniture manufacturers. Awards and distinctions also add to the company’s value, with major ones including: Pinnacle Design Achievement award, Exporter of the Year award, Supply Chain Excellence award, and many other furnishing industry awards. Bush office furniture has been able to sweep many of the above awards consistently, year after year.

Buying from Bush, they will provide you with the peace of mind of buying equipment for your office from a well-established and reliable brand name.

Their products are mostly used in small and medium size offices. However, larger offices and home offices also use this brand of furniture. Quite a few websites, retailers and showrooms are offering Bush products.

They guarantee all of their furniture for up to 6 years. If you experience any defective parts, they will replace for free if it was not abused and it was used in normal conditions, such as indoors. You cannot claim the guarantee in the following (or similar) conditions: it was improperly assembled or disassembled, it  was used outdoors,or the defects occurred due to misuse and accidents.

They company has two main lines of furniture: Bush Office ban hoa phat  Furniture and Bush Furniture, the first line being a more impressive contemporary line. Nevertheless, both lines provide high quality and very durable office furniture. The furniture selection includes office desks, executive desks, work centers, cabinets, chairs and many other office furnishing options. The Bush Furniture line also includes furniture for your home such as home entertainment centers.

The majority of their furniture is modular, which means that it is not assembled by the manufacturer, and will require assembly by the buyer. However, this famous brand truly cares about the easiest possible assembly of their furniture, making it one of the easiest modular furniture lines to assemble on your own.

The Bush product line is an affordable, high-function, practical and fashionable furniture, known for its innovative designs and handicap-accessible features.

Furnishing your office is an important and a serious task for any company, whether it is a beginning company, or an established company wishing to refurbish their office. Modern office furniture is very different from what it used to be merely several years ago. Currently, ergonomics is given the most of attention by furniture manufacturers. Bush office furniture is one of the best representatives of advanced ergonomic furnishing. Bush office furniture is a perfect choice for any type of organization.


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